Our Views

We believe Bulgaria will join the Euro area within the next two to three years.
We believe Bulgarian Lev will continue to be pegged to the Euro at its current exchange rate of 1 EUR / 1.95583 BGN till Bulgaria joins the Euro area.
We believe Bulgaria will continue to maintain its financial discipline and low tax rates thus making it one of the best investment destinations in Europe.
We believe the Euro will survive its current problems and will stabilize its position in the world financial markets.
We believe interest rates in USA, Europe and the United Kingdom will remain at their historic low levels till at least 2014.
We believe interest rates in Bulgaria will come down thus forcing the people to look for alternative investment opportunities.
We believe keeping all your money on a bank deposit is not the best choice.
We believe capital market is a must for any type of modern economy and every economy shall reasonably favor the development of efficient capital market.
We believe long term investments are better choice than chasing short term occasional profits.
We believe you can transform your money into capital.
The choice is yours! We are just servants of your capital.

January, 2012
De Novo EAD